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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


REFLECTION...what do you see, the outside world is just a mirror reflecting back what is going on inside of you and all of us, as a collective consciousness...praying for the world to change...

Thank you Katherine for all of the growth and freedom to explore my life and work that you have given me ...I am eternally grateful....I would never have been able to experience Hollywood the way I have if it were not for you and continues to amaze me...also thank you for the unconditional love is wonderful that we can both talk about and express our feelings of are so right most of what activates us now, is just the tip of the iceberg to years and lifetimes of patterns...

Come on out tonight my friends to celebrate the full moon and Autumn Equinox at The Center of Peace...starts at 7:00...guided meditations, prophetic visions and Rudy will be sure to show up with will be a powerful night of healing the past and bringing in the new...

Rudy is very excited he says that now this lower level negativity has been cleared we can really get on with the bigger plan..that Rudy is very bossy but usually right...there is a Divine Plan for all of us...and it is unfolding...what an to all MM

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