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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I had a post ready to go, but I’m struggling to find the words to say something.  Yes, I was jealous that Marilene got to the cemetery and the crypt before me.  I was also stupid beyond all reckoning because of it.  As I was to learn, all that jealousy and hurt was coming up from the past.  I didn’t see Spirit’s hand in all of it until later.

Marilene has spent almost two and a half years, patiently teaching and counseling me, helping me to find my way back to myself.  How do you thank someone for that?  How do you thank someone who has helped you reclaim your life? 

So it seems most appropriate that we have arrived at the Autumn Equinox (Mabon or Alban Elfed), and the celebration of the harvest.  (Here in the Northern Hemisphere.)

It is a time to look back on what we’ve cultivated, question what we’ve achieved during the cycle of growth, and use the knowledge to reach out to understand the mysteries of balance however you view them: light and dark, positive and negative, yin and yang.

I know, my Celtic pagan streak is starting to show here.  (But with family names of Day, Warfield, Powell, Spendiff, Groves, Campbell, Burns, and Louthan, you have to cut me some slack!) 

There are thousands of Druidic Triads (always the number “3”!)  One of my favorites is: 

“Three things avoided by the wise.”
        Expecting the impossible
        Grieving over the irretrievable
        Fearing the inevitable

So, Dear Readers……There’s something to ponder while the Earth (Goddess) passes into Her Crone phase before being reborn fresh and young in the Spring, when the eternal cycle begins again.

We’ll pick up with Rudy on the next post.  Until then, as my ancestors would say.......

Blessed Be.

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  1. I believe we all have a great storage of energy from the last several months of growth and inspiration. I know it's serving me well in my service to the Light. And though we all have a valley or two, we are not stagnant and while staying in the present move forward.