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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Little Green-eyed Monster

How appropriate that we come to this moment in the journey.  The Wheel, The Wheel, The Wheel.  Marilene is freshly back from California, and I am wallowing in a terrible funk.  For whatever reason, I have, of my own free will, jumped back onto the wheel and am repeating the same damn pattern.  I can hear the question...."Well, if you're aware of it, why don't you stop?"  I agree, why don't I stop?  It's like the story about the little boy that was observed standing in front of a refrigerator with a carton of eggs in his hands.  He takes out an egg and smashes it on the floor, saying, "No, no, no."  Then he takes another egg and does exactly the same thing..."No, no, no."  Again and again.  Maybe my way off the wheel is waiting for me at Marilene's ORACLE tonight. 

Let's continue.....

This session took place on February 16, 2009.   Marilene was just back from a sudden,  unplanned trip to California to visit a friend who was having some medical problems.  While there, she went to the cemetery and to Rudy’s crypt.  I had some major problems with that as you will read.  Marilene also met a charming couple, friends of her friend, who had actually lived at Falcon Lair when Doris Duke owned the property.

I had just walked in to Marilene’s house when the phone rang.  It was her friend from CA!  Unbelievable!  I spoke with her for a few minutes.   

Begin tape.....................
“They told me all these stories.  Robert said he would like to talk to you.  He said it wasn’t a terribly big house.”

It wasn’t.  By Hollywood standards, the house itself was small, but with the grounds, the guesthouse, the garages, and the stables, it was a fair sized estate.

“They stayed in the guesthouse.  They found a shoe that belonged to Rudy.  Robert and his wife were into spiritual things.  They said the weird thing was...Rudy never came through.  But apparently, Doris Duke’s decorator..she ran over him in that driveway and killed him.  He got out of the car for some reason, then all of a sudden he was gone.  He was doubled over under the car.  She’d run over him.”


“The whole trip was interesting.  My phone crapped out.  I don’t know why.  Back to Doris Duke.  Apparently her decorator was a famous guy, and they were all friends.  When they were doing séances, he would come in.  They have all kinds of stories.  They lived there a year.  He didn’t know that the house had been torn down.  We were going to drive by there.  I said you had found that it was torn down.  He wasn’t aware of it. 

Spirit told me to call you and have you come in today.  Oh, I know, I was talking to him about horses and stables.  The stables are down the hill.”

Yes, I know.  When Glenda called me and told me to call you right away because you were walking into the mausoleum......the last thing I heard you say was, ‘Katherine, I’ll have to call you later, I’m getting dizzy’.

“I was getting sick in the mausoleum.  It was overwhelming.  We had to get out of there.  It was toxic.  When we walked in, there were two women, kind of frumpy, maps of the stars sort.  I told Rudy I didn’t want them there.  They were looking for him, but they gave up.  The minute they left, I said to Whitney, let’s go this way.  You get down to the end and there he was.  That’s when the rose flew out of the vase.”

Whitney said it didn’t fall, it flew!

“It did.  The whole thing....I knew you were going to be jealous.  I had told Whitney part of the story.  She said, let’s go there.  The whole cemetery is wild.  It is bigger than life, like a movie set.”

‘Jealous’ doesn’t begin to describe what I was feeling.  While I was talking to you, I was sitting on my office floor.  I was so nauseated, I was trying to keep my dinner down.  I was shaking so hard.  I got off the phone with you and I was just shaking all over.  That was the worst night I have ever spent in my life.

“I’m so sorry.  I wanted it to be a good thing.”

Well, here’s the deal.  My husband was on call, so he was sleeping in another room.  He does that so the phone ringing won’t keep me awake, too.  I went to bed about 11:30pm and woke up about 2:00am.  I was so agitated and unsettled.  I wandered around the house for awhile.  I walked to the room where my husband was sleeping and watched him sleep.  I went back to the bedroom and thought I’d try to go back to sleep.  I couldn’t, so that’s when I decided to call you.  I thought it was 11:30pm in CA, so you would be up.

“I couldn’t get any phone reception.  It was crazy.”

I tried to go to sleep.  I finally gave up and turned the light back on and read until about a quarter to 4.  I finally fell asleep and slept until about 6:30.  My husband had been called away, the house was empty.  I just wandered around trying to come to grips with what I was feeling.  Finally, I went into my office.  I sat down and just asked, ‘Why?’

I was told in no uncertain terms ‘Don’t ever doubt that this is all happening and unfolding exactly the way it is supposed to.  The reason it went the way it did was so that Marilene could go there and take care of whatever she needed to take care of, so that when you two go, she will be in a much better position to help you.’


Then I got, ‘do you honestly think that there is anything on earth or in heaven that can keep us apart, now?’

“What are the odds of any of this happening like it has.  It is mind boggling!”

Yes it is.  I told you about Mabel Sykes, the photographer in Chicago.  I know we all stayed over in Chicago on the way from New York to LA after the Leviathan landed in NY.  He had this sitting.  Mabel Sykes was one of his favorite photographers.  Marilene, that one photograph, when I saw that picture, I knew immediately that I was there in the studio when it was taken.

“I’m getting cold chills.  He’s saying, ‘yes, he’s looking at you’.  Wow!”

When I look at it, you can’t imagine what goes on inside of me.

“Absolutely.  The plans were made for June.  It’s all there, you can see it on his face.”

Oh, March is my month to host my book club luncheon and the hostess gets to choose the book, so I chose my book, HALLOWED GROUND.  Because it had been a few years since I wrote it, I thought I better read it again.  As I was reading the book, I got to the part where my heroine who is a nurse and the man she is in love with are trapped and he is badly injured.  She’s taking care of him and the injury that she is most concerned about is gastric bleeding.  Rudy died from ruptured gastric ulcers.

“Oh, my God!  You’re kidding me. (Marilene shivered...she actually shivered)  Soul memory is a very interesting thing.  You were writing from memory.

At the crypt, I put a whole gridding of energy around it.  I cleared out any icky tour vibrations.  I put a lot of protective energy around it.  When we walked in, there was a huge dove that flew down and over our heads.  Everything was like that.  You just knew that there were other forces at work.  Have you had anymore communication?”


“Rudy.  Has he said anything new?”

No, not really.  It’s funny, but I decided to read THE SHEIK again.  I didn’t understand my intense reaction the first time I read it because I didn’t know everything.  But at the end of the book, he is going to send Diana away.  He loves her and he feels that he will be bad for her, so he’s going to make her leave.  The last couple of pages is him telling her that she has to go.  And she is begging him to let her stay because she loves him so much.  She even goes so far as to put a gun to her head.  (Does that sound familiar??)  She’ll do anything.  I’m reading that and it’s like, yep...I know exactly how she feels.  That was pretty much the way it was around June 23, 1926.  I know I was begging him, begging him.  I didn’t want to leave him.

Rudy’s and my relationship now is....we are so integrated, I’m not sure where I leave off and he begins.  One thing of which I am absolutely certain...when my time to cross comes, he will be there.     .................End tape.

Here is the photograph mentioned.

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  1. I am enthralled with the blog! It is all so very interesting and amazing! I couldn't imagine what you are going through Cindy, it would be too much for me to handle. At any rate, so much interesting information and I am gleaning Marilene's psychic information for the rest of us.
    Marilene is such a fantastic person...thanks to you both for updating us!