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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I am back, sorry for the long delay in responding to this segment of the it whole life people have been jealous of me and what I this brought back a lot of issues for me...that I have had to deal with...I understand Cindy's pain, and discomfort about not being there the first time I went to Rudy's crypt...but as I will tell the story, it just happened, that is how Spirit works in my life.

As mentioned, the whole trip that February of 2009 was unplanned, last minute...and for another reason other than visiting my Son or anything having to do with Rudy ( I thought)...I was going to visit and do healing on a dear friend...I have known Whitney since 1976, at a chance meeting in of all places my hometown of Connersville, Indiana. A childhood, and current friend of mine Linda, had invited me to a theatrical production of some sort and Whitney was there...

We became fast friends and she invited me to speak at Frostburg College where she was teaching Dance..and then when she moved to NYC we connected for many adventures...she is an amazing, creative human Being...well known in the world of dance..and very forward...she then started spending time in LA....many years ago as well as NY.

Whitney had a vaccination that over a period of time has left her blind...she can see shadows..a horrible thing for a creative, visual person...THAT WAS THE PURPOSE OF THAT FEBRUARY comfort my friend and run energy on her to heal her eyes...

I stayed at her home in Laurel Canyon on Wonderland can't make this you know what up...Merlin my son ended up taking us to a wonderful restaurant yards away from my Spirit friend, Jim Morrison's home in Laurel Canyon...that was an amazing night....later Whitney and I are talking and I am telling her about Cindy and the Rudolph Valentino story and she blurts out,"oh my dear friend Robert and his wife and family lived in Rudy's house when Doris Duke owned it back in the 1 60's"...I almost passed out...what in the world are the odds???

Robert is in his 80's and is a well known in the dance world and Broadway...I could not believe this...she called him up and we met for lunch...what a wonderful man and so interesting...many stories of Falcon Lair...and he and his wife indeed found one of Rudy's shoes on the property..they stayed in the guest house there and loved the year they were there...he also mentioned that he knows now that he had seen Charles Manson at the bottom of the hill going up to Falcon Lair...guess what house is next to Rudy's...where Sharon Tate was brutally murdered...yikes...

He said that they had done seances at the house..his children..but had not directly contacted Rudy...all of which I find interesting...since my friend can't drive her car now..I was driving ...a little nervous in LA traffic...we are driving and she says do you want to go to Hollywood Forever..we are right by it and that is where Rudy to do...I felt anxious and knew that this was all happening for a I pulled in and there we were...I knew immediately that I had to call Cindy..hoping she would like that I was there...wrong....I could hear it immediately in her voice that she was upset...

We are searching in the building where Rudy is and there are two women there they had a map and were looking for him as well..crap I thought...even with the map they couldn't find him and left...I was moments he guided me to his crypt...and then hurled a rose out of the vase by his crypt...the rose continues to be a way he communicates...more on that later..I was in such shock all of a sudden this story and Rudy came to life for me...not that I didn't believe Cindy or what we had gotten in the it was REAL IN MY LIFE....a whole different thing..

Laurel Canyon has no cell phone reception....very limiting for my work since I do business in communicating later with Cindy didn't happen...when I did use the land line it was too late, that three hour time difference makes communicating with people in Indiana complicated....

It is a difficult thing being the go between ...the life of an Intuitive is amazing and rewarding, yet painful and a very lonely path...people love and hate the half hour, or hour that I spend with a person, the connection and intimacy that manifests is more than they have ever had with almost anyone. Being an Empath, I feel and become a conduit for the Light with a persons whole being...that is how I do my readings and is powerful and a real high..but like any intense experience, when it is over it is a little in my world...I know thousands and thousands of Souls and their secrets..and then they are gone...some never to see again...many once a year or every few months or in the forty years of doing my work, many are on the other side now.

People think I lead this amazing private the end of the day it is my eight cats and three my green eyed monster came out when Cindy wrote the blog about her activated mine, not just toward her but many things that have built up through the years of doing my work, at great sacrifice to a personal life...this is hard to admit but I will... I thought " that Cindy has a lot of nerve she has a loving husband who supports her on all levels...something I have not had in this life..AND Rudolph Valentino in love with her from the past now from the other side...there I said it...this is why I didn't write any sooner than now.

I feel better now that I have confessed this...I have been going through a huge transformation...lots of sadness...loss...birth...renewal...feeling how fleeting it all is...aging is not for sissies I promise you that...more later dear friends time to go from snuggling with the dogs downstairs...upstairs to sleeping with the goes my to all the lonely is all about how to learn to be alone without being lonely.....MM

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  1. As we age, something new comes to us. We add to the sum of our parts.

    You have an incredible life, Marilene. How you manage to withstand the demands put upon you at times is testimony of Spirit guiding ans strengthening.

    All of us are indeed coming into new things. Perhaps everything old is new again.

    Each phase of life has so much to offer. Of course I'm tickled pink as I enter a new time for me. Alone but still in touch with others. Choosing the others I want to be with.

    It's very cool.