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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


RUDY is very amused by the "farewell" that Katherine has typed on her blog..he is reminding us all that there are no farewells, there is no death only life. He says to me right now as I write this "I love Katherine with all of my heart and Soul, remind her that as she is speaking of the freedom of the Eagles and Falcons to soar...I would tell her, and all of you to be as the Phoenix...who rises from the ashes and is born anew each day.....and then be the Falcon that has the ability to soar, but also see things from a very high perspective.

Look up my friends and then don't forget to stay up, but then look down and get the BIG PICTURE...that is the message here...the difference in making decisions based on seeing only what is around you on the ground, and then ascending to the vantage point of height to see from that level, is astounding. It will also save you a lot of time and energy...we have the choice to keep learning through repetition of lessons and suffering, or getting the big picture and making decisions and taking action from that perspective. I know I am making conscious choices right now to no longer to react and make decisions based on limited information and ground level observations.

Katherine'story is all of our story's of self discovery and finding out who we really are and why we are really here. We are amazing Beings of Light...created by the Divine Mother and Father to have free will and to Co-Create with is designed to be a journey...and that is the long and winding road that the Beatles and others talk at the end of the day leads us to the doors we go through and back to our divine path and our true home. We like the prodigal son, must go out and explore and leave the safety of the known path, and use our free will to create and make mistakes, the word sin, translated, means missing the mark...and when we are weary from learning through illusion and disappointment, and separation we return HOME...and realize in the words of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, "there's no place like home, there's no place like home"....

Where that Home is, is different for each of is within and is above and can spend your whole searching never realizing you have always had the key...I think that is from an EAGLES song..speaking of Eagles...hummm..Rudy is very amusing you know and does keep up more than we know on some current events and music..he amazed me today...each week, each day there are converging energies that I know that he is orchestrating from the very high level that he is on..he continues to open doors for me in LA, and from the most unexpected places.

I have been going through wonderful things and difficult times as well and had really given up on even going back to LA like I have been talking about in November...being overwhelmed with day in and day out survival here how in the world could I even think about going back to Hollywood...well many ones are opening..connections that I am sure have been in place from long ago waiting for me to shift up into my High Self, Pilot be able to see and go with....the outer world is just a reflection of what is going on inside of ourselves...

Dear readers...this is just the beginning..much of what is happening with Rudy and Katherine is only theirs to know and share at this point of the journey...but like the Phoenix...the next parts that they can and will share will rise up out of the ashes and a new story will be shared with all of for me...I am only wanting my divine path to unfold and I am willing to let go of anything on any level that is blocking me from finding and fulfilling my true destiny...I will continue to write...I should have written so many books over the last 40 years..but now I will speak and share what I know I must...sending love and healing energy to all and soar and look down on your life from that Pilot Self and you will know what to do and where to go...MM

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  1. Thanks, Marilene. I know so well what you are talking about.. What's wild is so many people are either going to LA or are already there.

    There is so much to do and live for. No matter the time I have here I have resolved to use it and go the road less travelled, to see from above as you say. Yes the key has been with me but we often don't see the forest but for the trees. Not any more!